The 6th and 7th floor concrete pours are completed. 8th floor slab concrete pouring is ongoing. vertical pouring to 9th floor to begin mid january. window installation has begun.
Concrete pouring for 5th floor slab and 5th floor vertical walls has been completed. 6th floor slab and vertical walls concrete pouring is on going.
Concrete for 4th floor slab and 5th floor vertical walls is currently being poured. 5th floor slab concrete pouring will commence early november.
Ground floor slab is nearing completion. forming and decking work is underway on the second floor slab
Slab on grade is now complete. ground floor slab concrete pouring and forming is ongoing
Footings & foundation wall pours are now completed. slab on grade is near completion. forming work for ground floor in progress
Backfilling along memory lane is ongoing. footings are now 95 percent complete. 5 of 8 foundation walls have been poured & the slab on grade is 60 percent complete. forming work for floors 1-3 is now in progress
Construction at the george is well underway. shoring & excavation has been completed. southern portion of the site along memory lane is being backfilled. footings are near completion & foundation walls are progressing


Ridgewood I & II

Lemonwood Townhomes

Montgomery Square

Twenty-One Clairtrell